Why Mazda Dealerships Offer You the Best Value in Vehicle Repairs/Service

May 19th, 2022 by

Why would you go anywhere else?

If you’re a car owner, you should know the importance of routine maintenance, and sometimes, the necessity for repairs. We’ve all been there. But where should you take your business for these services? For us here at McDonald Mazda, the answer is simple: take your Mazda to the dealership. They will offer you the best possible value for your car’s needs, and here’s why:


Quality and Dependable Customer Service

At McDonald Mazda North, we stress the importance of excellent customer service, and make it our number one priority. We know our customers, and their vehicles, should always be treated with the utmost respect, and we value creating long-lasting relationships with them. 


Our technicians are highly skilled and factory-trained in order to best service your vehicle. They take a lot of pride in their work, and we expect nothing less. Because technicians in dealerships, like ours, are often factory-trained, they have the best skill set to service your specific vehicles. They have particular knowledge and training that independent mechanics who service an array of different brands may not have. These technicians are specialists in their field, making them the perfect choice for you!



Oftentimes, dealerships will offer amenities that may be difficult to find elsewhere. At McDonald Mazda, we see the importance of this. As we said, we value quality customer service, and we go the extra mile by providing amenities that will make our customers even more satisfied with our services. 


We know it can be frustrating to wait around in a service center, which is why we make sure our waiting room is comfortable and includes free Wi-Fi, coffee, snacks, and refreshments. We also offer complimentary shuttle service and have available loaner cars to make the whole experience easier for you. At the end of every maintenance appointment, we even provide our customers with a complimentary car wash! Not only will you be getting a car back that runs smoothly, but you will also be getting one that’s clean.


Recall Transparency 

Dealerships should have access to any information regarding recalls. The same cannot always be said for outside service centers. At our Mazda Information Center, we can inform you of any recalls that may have occurred for your vehicle. Our database is up-to-date and refreshed regularly so we are able to get these issues taken care of quickly and free of charge.


Warranty Coverage

If your Mazda is still under warranty, your services may be covered at the dealership. So, you may be able to get a portion, or all, of your services covered by the dealership. If you have any questions about your warranty and what is covered, reach out to us! We are happy to assist you in any way you may need.


Routine maintenance and services are always going to be an essential part of being a car owner. Why not make the best of it and go to the dealership? At McDonald Mazda North, we work hard to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality service on their Mazda’s as possible. Give us a call, or schedule an appointment online, today! As always, we look forward to helping you.

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