Mazda Accelerates a Shift Toward Electric

July 28th, 2023 by

 New EV-Only Model Scheduled for Launch in 2027

Mazda is significantly shifting to electric vehicles, with plans for its first EV-only model to launch in 2027. CEO Masahiro Moro has announced that production of these models will ramp up significantly from 2028 onwards. The brand is also looking into producing EVs and obtaining batteries on North American soil due to the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides tax breaks for people who purchase North American-made EVs. This would give more incentives for drivers interested in buying a Mazda EV. The news comes as the industry moves away from traditional gas-powered models and towards more sustainable solutions.

In the states, Mazda has begun production of the gasoline-powered CX-50 in its Alabama factory, aiming to launch a hybrid version. That’s only some of the company has in the works. Mazda is currently considering creating a new company geared towards organizing motorsport events and promoting safe driving, showing that they constantly strive to be as great of a brand as possible. This would allow a greater consumer connection, making sense for a brand committed to building and emphasizing the relationship between a car and its driver. Mazda uses the phrase Jinba Ittai to describe this connection, which represents the relationship between a horse and its rider.

We are excited to see how Mazda evolves and innovates in the coming years. While 2027 is a few years away, we can’t wait for the release of the brand’s first dedicated electric model. Until then, we are thrilled (but not surprised) that Mazda will keep pushing forward by creating exciting new models and working towards sustainable and innovative goals.

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