Here Are 4 Tips to Keep Your Mazda Running Smoothly.

March 17th, 2022 by

We want you to enjoy your Mazda for as long as possible.

Visiting your local Mazda dealership’s service center is the best way to make sure your Mazda is being cared for. Customer Service is at the forefront of McDonald Mazda North, formerly Courtesy Mazda. 

We focus mostly on the maintenance of Mazda vehicles, which makes us especially qualified to do the job. Employees are also required to pass a yearly certification, ensuring they can provide the highest level of service. Prioritizing routine maintenance on your Mazda helps to avoid potential issues that could arise. You are less likely to have to pay a larger price to fix these issues if you practice preventative care of your vehicle. Let’s take a look at the ways we can help keep your Mazda running smoothly.

Have Your Transmission Serviced/Fluid Flushed

We highly recommend this service that is often overlooked, as this is especially important in making sure your car is running smoothly. You should have your transmission serviced about every 2 years or 30,000 miles. This will make sure your transmission fluid and the moving parts of your Mazda are clean and well lubricated. The transmission may need to be replaced early if regular maintenance is not occurring, which can be very costly. McDonald Mazda North will help to make certain your transmission is being serviced at the highest quality possible.

Get an Oil Change

An oil change is similar to a transmission service in that this also involves cleaning out your car’s fluids. This, again, is important to lubricating your vehicle and to make sure it is running properly. The extra lubrication can also help your car’s mileage. Your car’s oil should be changed about once every six months. In order to get the most out of your Mazda, make sure to keep up with routine oil changes.

Get Your Brakes Inspected

A brake inspection is recommended about every six months. Brakes can wear down with time and become less effective. If your brakes need servicing, you may need to slam on them to slow down. This excessive friction can, in some cases, cause the brakes to catch fire. Get ahead of potential brake issues and visit the McDonald Mazda North dealership today!

Schedule a Tire Rotation

Rotating your Mazda’s tires is important to help them last longer. They should be rotated about every six months, a checkpoint for most routine car maintenance. Rotating your car’s tires helps to ensure all tires wear evenly.

In addition to our quality car maintenance, McDonald Mazda North has amenities for you while your car is being serviced. We have coffee, snacks, and free Wi-Fi. We also provide our customers with a complimentary car wash after each maintenance appointment, as well as complimentary shuttle service. Rentals are available while the car is being serviced. 

Be sure to check out our specials to receive the best deal on your maintenance appointment. Visit McDonald Mazda North for your car servicing needs. Your car will thank you!

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